Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Follow the Leader.

I've picked up quite a few followers now and I want to thank everybody for taking an interest and showing their support.  I would love to check out all of your blogs as well.  I already follow many of you guys but having so many followers can be a bit of a challenge to organize so i'm compiling a list of my followers' blogs so I can make sure to check all you guys daily.

**If you want me to follow you, leave a comment to this post.**  It doesn't matter what you say, just say hi or something.  Post a link to your blog if it isn't in your profile.  I'm turning on comment moderation temporarily, so that i get a list of all the people who want me to check them out or who want me to keep following them.

Most of my followers haven't been commenting, and that's fine, but just this once please say something, so I can figure out who to check out.  Thank you all so much.  I don't usually like comment moderation, so I'll probably turn it back off after a couple of days.

**Cliff notets: If you don't comment here, I won't know to check out your blog.**

Quote: "A good leader must also know how to be a good follower."


  1. By the way, if you guys also actively follow a lot of blogs like I do, you may want to check out the "morning coffee" extension for firefox, and make a post like this.

    Morning coffee lets you make a list of websites that it will automatically open up on a daily basis. Pretty useful for keeping track of a hundred followers' blogs. :)

  2. I've been looking for a chrome version of this

  3. ^A man who lives by his firefox extensions. I like.

    Following and commenting a lot if blogs can be a lot of work, but you also find and read a lot of good stuff out there.

  4. I'm visiting you regularly (:

  5. it's too bad i don't use firefox anymore :(

  6. hmmm kinda geting sick of all the links in my comments makes blog look bad. i think personally

  7. Do you know of any Chrome extensions for something like that? I think that would be really useful.

  8. Leaders must always follow first.

  9. Been following for a bit now; I think you already follow me? ?

    Regardless, keep on' truckin.

  10. Good advice, interesting posts. I'm over at


  11. Thanks for the tip :) for now the blogger feeder seems okay to me I can handle it haha

    heres a link of mine

    great blog you got!

  12. Have you tried out Fast Dial for FireFox? It works SORTOF the same way, except it doesn't open all of the websites when you start, it has a preview thing of websites in a folder style set up so you can keep it organized and such.

  13. to the people wanting a chrome version. i don't know of one but what i would do for chrome is bookmark all your blogs in a folder, call it "blogs". put folder in bookmark bar. open new tab. right click the folder in the bookmark bar, and select "open all bookmarks". thats the only solution i can think of if you can't find an extension for it.

  14. @ Tom,
    no i havent tried fast dial yet. i'll have to check it out, it sounds better.

    @ Epic wallpapers,
    I tend to agree, i don't like people spamming their links either, but this time i'm making an exception because i wanted to get organized and some people don't have their link in their profile for some reason.

  15. @geek revolution,
    yes i do already follow you but thank you for commenting anyway. i want everybody to comment here even if i already follow you. I appreciate it.

  16. consider me converted, i like fast dial extension much better. seems like it'll make things even easier.

  17. I've been following you for a while, so not it's time for you to repay the favor.


  18. That morning coffee extension sounds like a good idea. I'll have to check that out.

  19. see, i thought i had you followed already fruffles, but i didn't. thats why i'm doing this. gotcha now though.

  20. I like your blog, I'll be one of your new followers.

  21. welcome StockGuy. do you have a blog of your own? the link in your profile didn't seem to work for me.

  22. I'll check up on your regularly, Broski

  23. I've recently started blogging myself and I have to say I know what you mean. I follow more people than I can keep track of it seems! But the torrent of information is always interesting and keeps me occupied. The only trouble is that I spend more time reading than I do writing.

    I'm commenting!

  25. Been following you for a while, you always have some interesting stuff. I also recommend morning coffee, its great.

  26. follower here! check me out ;)

  27. follow mine please, gladly follow back

  28. btw, I just recently put my blog link in my profile is it. I think I have some interesting blog posts if anyone wants to start following me :) kinda new at blogging but trying.

  29. Pretty sure you already follow me :)

  30. Hey bro I LOVE that you have original content. I can actually go through your blog and read for awhile. Anyways I'll be checking back for updates.

    Hit me up bros, Post a comment on my site so I can see your blogs. I'm always interested in something new.

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  32. Hi Anonymouse, I am following your blog.
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