Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Here's a fun little chemistry experiment.  Do be careful with this stuff.  In this post I'll be teaching you how to make a chemical called ANTI.  It has a few useful applications when you think along the lines of improvised weaponry and zombie attacks, or whatever.  It's pretty easy to make but first let me give you a bit of background info about it.

I recommend making a very small amount at first to see what it can do.  It's a high explosive, a fulminate, that is sensitive enough to be set off at the touch of a feather.  Imagine a high explosive that is easy to make, which is harmless while moist, but devastating when it dries.  Say you put a moist piece of this stuff into a pipe bomb 3/4 full of powder, or stuck it to a stick of dynamite, and left it under a car seat.  Your target (can zombies even drive?) would get about an hour down the road while the chemical dries and then the slightest vibration of the car would set off the anti and thus the dynamite or explosive.  I'm sure you can think up other uses but I'll get to the good part now.

You'll need iodine crystals and strong ammonia.  You might be able to find these at certain pharmacies near hospitals, or probably on the web.  I would advise against buying both from the same place.  To make ANTI, just drop iodine crystals into ten times their amount of strong ammonia.  A few grains will be enough to prove the process.  After letting it soak for about 10 minutes, swirl, and pour the iodine crystals into a coffee filter.  Scrape up the crystals and/or paste with a knife or spatula.

Be careful as these start to dry.  A small pile of treated crystals will set each other off as they dry and settle.  The paste has more consistent drying times and will dry more uniformly and shouldn't set itself off, but be careful anyway.

Storage and transport:
A good way to store this or carry it around is to cut a small square out of the corner of a plastic baggy.  Put the ANTI in the bottom corner and roll it up, then wrap this in a wet cloth, and roll that up.  Then put this into a whole baggy and roll that up too.  The ANTI could stay this way for months and yet be ready to use at any time.

Comments are appreciated as always.  Let me know what you think of this!


  1. You're really hoping for this zombie apocalypse aren't you.

    Oh well, I guess you'll have the last laugh when i get my ass bit, lol.


  2. depends on where you are and the local laws in your area i'd guess. but it probably also depends how you use it... making fireworks as a hobby is usually not illegal, but if you use that knowledge to blow up a building then it's obviously wrong. check local laws to be sure. personally i just think it's fun to play with explosives, so i figured i'd provide some info on it.

  3. Whoa. That sounds completely destructive, and I am SO not attempting to make that.

  4. Only you Anonymous...:). Following and supporting as always, yours truly- www.ulhh.blogspot.com.

  5. Looks like you're gonna make about 12 tons of shit your pants and blow your neighborhood up. At least I can say I know who did it when it hits Channel 5 Action News.

  6. Its good to know someone else is ready for the zombie apocalypse

  7. Good stuff. But I'm not sure how to ignite it safely.

  8. i love this kind of stuff,reminds me of a website i used to go to that got taken down.


    hoping for some support at my blog,whoever is willing .

  9. i love the idea but i hate chemistry xD

  10. No thanks haha, good stuff though :)

  11. this better not be a joke. I don't want to go spending me monies and times on this only to have a bunch of useless paste lol

  12. lol, no this is no joke. if i was joking i would've gone with: "make something cool by mixing ammonia and sodium hypochlorite found in bleach". if you don't get the joke, this produces mustard gas/chlorine gas and will kill you, which would be funny. but don't do that.