Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to make C-1

Because I can't think of a good topic to write about, I was thinking maybe an insane one would suffice.

Seriously, you probably don't want to try this at home and if you do please be careful and make sure it's legal where you live.  I don't know the laws in your particular area but I guess this could have some legal uses in demolition work or something.  I'm just sharing a recipe and should not be held liable if you do something stupid with it.  Also, this stuff is crazy powerful and if you don't understand the instructions, in any way, don't mess with it.  You could kill yourself.

Ok, now that the disclaimer is out of the way...I was sitting around with writer's block and thought I should maybe just go back to what I originally started out blogging about.  Crazy ideas, improvised weapons, and kitchen chemistry.  LOL  :)

Without further ado (or adon't) let me break it down for you:
C-1 is 150%more powerful than T.N.T.
C-1 is 10% more powerful than C-4
It expands at a rate of 8850 meters per second when compressed into a cube at a density of 1.55g/cubic cm

What you'll need:
Table Salt
Distilled Water
Concentrated Nitric Acid - 550mls
Hexamine - 50grams (hexamine can be found in compressed fuel tablets in sporting goods stores)
Ammonium Nitrate (optional)

Blue Litmus Paper
Centigrade Thermometer
Large Beaker
Glass Stirring Rod
Funnel & Filter Paper
Ice Bath Container

Step by Step Procedure:
1. Place beaker in an ice bath and carefully add in the 550ml of nitric acid
2. Grind the fuel tablets into a fine powder
3. When the acid cools to below 20 degrees centigrade, CAREFULLY begin adding in SMALL amounts of the crushed hexamine fuel tablets.  Stir.  The temp will rise and must be kept below 30 degrees centigrade or KABOOM!  And if you get killed who would follow my blog?
4. Drop the temp to below 0.  You can do this by adding salt to the old ice bath, creating a new ice bath, or adding ammonium nitrate to the old ice bath.
5. Continue stirring for at least 20 minutes while keeping the temp below 0.
6. Pour the mixture into a liter of crushed ice. Shake, Stir, and allow to melt.  Once melted, filter out the crystals and dispose of the liquid.
7. Place crystals into a half liter of boiling water.  Then filter them out and test their acidity with the litmus paper. Repeat this step until the litmus paper doesn't change colour anymore, meaning you have boiled off all of the excess acid.
8.  To make the plasticizer mix by weight: 88.8% RDX (the crystals), 11.4% mineral oil, and 0.6% lecithin.  It's also possible that vaseline and wax in a 5 to 1 ratio could work for this.

That's really all there is to it.  It should be noted that you'll need an explosion to detonate this stuff and a fulminate would work well.  I would suggest checking out my earlier post titled ANTI for more info about that.

I'm almost a little hesitant to publish this post but I firmly believe in freedom of information, as well as the right to defend yourself in the coming zombie apocalypse, and besides, I'm pretty sure most people who would misuse explosives already know how to make them.


  1. Wow dude, Fight club aint got $hit on you bro.

  2. Neat! Hopefully I dont blow my arm off or something when I make it. lol.

  3. @malkavian,
    yep, i'm the new tyler durden, lol

  4. starting to wonder if visiting your blog is going to put me on the FBI watch list.

  5. mac guyver could do this out of a package of sugar and 3l of milk

  6. wonder why would someone need that

  7. interesting stuff thanks for posting.

  8. If you walked into a drug store and read that shopping list, they'll probably get suspicious...

  9. Wow dude... this is kind of messed up lol.

    I am certainly not trying this, I can assure you.

  10. lol fun for the whole family!

  11. lol I'm sure anyone who would use explosives already knows it all so you're fine :P

  12. yeah, I am NOT attempting this. haha

  13. Haha, yeah, um. Something tells me it would be illegal to manufacture this. xD
    Though this would for sure be handy in the case of the zombie apocalypse

  14. Haha thanks for this, it will surely help me defend my home against those dang zombies.

  15. @Les,
    I don't think this blog is popular enough to get that kind of attention...and they'd probably just shut it down.

  16. damn I don't think I will try this lol

  17. i just made one now and it doesnt wo

  18. at least there isn't a demonstration video, lol

  19. Really wanna try this. But really, what would i use it for? D:

  20. @ottercation,
    idk blow something up because it's fun, just don't hurt anybody.

  21. Oh wow, this is some good info to spread!

  22. I really shouldn't be reading stuff like this..... 0_0

  23. I'll bake my little brother's cake with this recipe! Thanks man!

  24. Very useful post... I'm going to blow something up tonight!

  25. blowing stuff up is always fun!!

  26. this could be useful for me if I had need... without need, the risk is just too much

  27. A little scary, but i've seen a couple other recipes like this. my friend was given a couple of 50's army manuals with how to make a lot of explosives with home ingredients, along with plastic guns and things of the like. He's a history major and find this stuff fascinating.

  28. You gave me an idea. It involves an ashtray and justin beiber.